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Friday, February 21, 2003

<12:24 PM>  yes, it's true. i'm at the new haven, ct public library BLOGGING. so far away from home, yet still so addicted. well and i thought i'd post some news from my trip, courtesy of don's suggestion:

1. i got to nyu from jfk all on my own! i'm pretty proud of myself. though i think i got a little too confident, cuz i spent 40 minutes the next morning looking for a subway station. i hope i do not re-experience this in japan. that would be infinitely worse. caca worse.
2. ate indian food in nyny. we are talkin fine dinin here. man. thanks deborah for treating! aiyiyi. i put shame to the older sister tradition.
3. afterwards we were so full we sat around her room. surfing blogs. if that's not obsessive, i dunno what is.
4. i saw an old man in his lawn chair reading the newspaper with 2 feet of snow all around him smack in the middle of washington square park. PIMP funny. i wish i had taken a pic.
5. columbia is beeeeeautiful. omg i wish i had gone there. i wish i could go there. sigh.
6. i love nyny.
7. there's nothing like hanging out with old friends. lots of fun reminiscing with mary, co-founder of buttock war. though it makes me wonder how old i'm getting if i'm reminiscing so much. :( mary, you are the main attraction.
8. don't watch romy and michele's high school reunion. even if you're curious to see how bad it really is. it is really bad. aliciakeys bad. and it's depressing.
9. i learned a lot of new words yesterday. hungabuhs (as in hamburgers), but you can use it as a verb, noun, adjective, anything you like. there's also variations as in hungabilarious. hungabahungabuh. hungabalicious. hungabaaaad. hungabuhstupid. my favorite is pimp funny (pee in my pants funny). ahahahahahaa.
10. yale food is so good and plentiful and "free". i can't believe it. hungabulicious. and they had bacon. hmm.
11. you like harry potter? come to yale! it's exactly like the movie. i can just see prof dumbledore coming down the steps.
12. went to the yale art museum today. mary and i were respectful and did not take any sacreligious pictures. if you wanna see an og van gogh, go before the end of the year! they're closing down for renovations. another cool thing about yale: to protect og books, they are housed in an all marble building, which lets some daylight in, but not too much, to protect the texts.
13. mary told me there was nothing to do in new haven. there isn't. there isn't even fine shopping. ah well, we spent all the money i saved on food. you only live once.
12. watched daredevil tonight. it was entertaining. still not a big fan of ben.

more adventures to come. the girls are coming tomorrow! fly safe, honeys! <gracie!>

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

<7:08 PM>  my dinner:
i am eating "jello" made by my dad.
it is made of pork skin, drained of all the fat.
i eat it with soy sauce, sesame seeds, and peanuts.
i wish he hadn't told me what it was. <gracie!>

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<7:01 PM>  day of thanksgiving, in no particular order:
1. i found a parking spot i found a parking spot!
2. i got out early
3. there was no traffic
4. i am gonna eat dinner with my parents for once
5. my dad lent me his camera
6. i'm going on vacation! to NYNY!!!!!!!
7. later i'm going on vacation to korea and japan! i get to see emiiiiiiiiiii!!!!
8. chenga's gonna take my shift AND lemme borrow some warm clothes
9. there's no more blizzarding on the east coast, so i won't have to wait days until they reopen jfk
10. there's gonna be a "heatwave" on the east coast...a big high of 40 degrees!

it's been a good day.
and i am so addicted to blogging now. aiyiyi.


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Monday, February 17, 2003

<2:24 PM>  i had to ask don for this one, but it was good: God please save us from your followers

now there's some fat to chew. is that how you use that phrase? <gracie!>

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Sunday, February 16, 2003

<11:14 PM>  don and i went to the sf peace march/rally today. it was really encouraging and left me hopeful about the outcome of the pending war. well, hopeful that there will be no war. there were a lot of families, and surprisingly a lot of young people...and old ones too. the march started earlier than planned...i kinda felt bad, but when the premarch speakers were bringing their own political agendas, it got weird and i wanted to leave. but for the most part, the speakers were good. not awe-inspiring, but it was cool to see the oakland congresswoman speak. she was the only congressperson to vote against the war. can you believe that? how can God forgive and how will He punish such a prideful nation, bent on destruction?

here are some of the posters i saw:
drop bush, not bombs
no blood for oil
a picture of a dog peeing on a bush (i liked--plus the doggie was really cute)
somewhere in Texas there's a village missing it's idiot
small minds make big wars
if war is inevitable, draft SUV drivers first
checklist for war: +planes, +armies, +tanks, -a reason (pretty clever)
fight plaque not iraq (yeeheehee)
numbers of marchers yesterday all around the world (now that's awe-inspiring)
stop mad cowboy disease
pretzels, not war (i don't think i get this one)
vive la france
imperialism: when a nation tries to control directly or indirectly another nation's social and economic structure (or something like that)
justice or just us? (i liked this one a lot)
what would Jesus/Ghandi/Buddha do?
who would Jesus/Ghandi/Buddha bomb?
impeach the son of a bush
george bush voodoo dolls, $5 (aiyiyi)
got oil?
you may say i'm a dreamer...but i'm not the only one...
moms/teachers/musicians/women in black/families/blondes/vietnam veterans/paws/RNs against war/for peace
how did our oil get under their soil? (this one was pretty good too)
how many lives per gallon? (so sad...)
duct tape and cover
dissent is patriotic
if iraq exported broccoli, we wouldn't be going to war
are you gonna send your twins?
bush is the weakest link (even i thought this was pretty clever)
my favorite: from a 7-year old girl: war is for buttheads
(ahahahahaahahah...marisa, you gotta love that one)

ps. i had to refresh my memory by looking some of these up. 100s of pics are already up from today. amazing.

pps. deborah, what's the national lawyers guild?

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Saturday, February 15, 2003

<2:00 AM>  someone from work gave me a belated birthday present today. so sweet! it's a very cute stuffed donkey. i've been having SO much fun with it. i keep asking don if he likes my cute ass. he says yes, it's very hairy. ahahahahaha. how's that for vday? ;).

seriously though, we celebrated our 3-yr in a very ritzy way. thanks don! if you wanna celebrate something big, try cafe strait. or was it strait cafe. pretty good fusion food. just don't get the crepes for dessert--they were yummy, but the only thing i'll prolly remember is that they were toxic-looking. worse than the "food" they have at yoshinoya's.

i felt really fortunate to be able to celebrate with someone speshul this year. props to all you celebrating singlehood! i'm praying that you will find your love. <gracie!>

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

<12:08 AM>  i'm deciding to be ambiguous no longer. down with ambiguity! it sucks assmar.

so for a lllllooooonnnnnnggggg long time i was agonizing about moving out. wasn't actually sure i was up for it, wasn't actually sure it was such a great decision. but an opportunity came up to live with my friend and her awesome setup. when that fell through, i began to rethink my decision. nevermind that i've been wanting to move out for 18 months, that i've decided to do it what the hell for 6 months.

and then i rearranged my room. that's all it took. apparently. i'm really happy. i think i will even make more of an effort to be at home.

is this a sign of maturity? ahahahahaahahahaha. <gracie!>

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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

<11:06 PM>  yesterday a door closed. i was SUPREMELY disappointed. is this a sign? i've always wondered at the significance of circumstance. perhaps a greater prize still awaits. in the meantime, i guess i should take advantage of this "opportunity" to reasses. it's just that i was so excited to get out. and those changes? maybe they should be self-made. and of course, everything just happens to explode at work. ugh. ...does any of this make any sense whatsoever? :P <gracie!>

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

<12:35 AM>  hihi. i'm just trying this out. not sure if i'm gonna keep it. i kinda feel like doogie howser or something. is that the point of blogging? except i don't have terribly important things to say.

well there's this. today/yesterday was my birfday, and it was good. very simple. it was kinda weird going to work on the day. it reminded me of high school for some reason. but the coworkers were sweet, AND my superlate visit got cancelled. praise God. sometimes i wonder why things are suddenly going well for me. i hope it's not gonna end soon. i have high hopes for this year. i feel like a lot of good changes are coming. but to those that much is given, much will be expected. i hope i will not fail there.

i think that's good for my first blog. any suggestions? this really is doogiehowsering. they should just call it doogie. or is that copyrighted? "hold on a minute, i gotta doogie." "lemme just finish my doogie." "have you read his doogie?" hmm...now it sounds perverse. nevermind. <gracie!>

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