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Thursday, June 19, 2003

<11:58 PM>  hihi everyone! so much has happened since i last blogged. i can't believe it. and i'm so behind. sorry i'm such a slacker. i will do my best to update.

1. i quit my job. i've been wanting to move on (from this job and out of my parents' house!) for a while, never expecting to stay much more than a year. some of that has to do with batty (bc she's got a baseball bat stuck up her ass; read previous blog), and most of it doesn't. i don't have anything lined up, which makes my parents think i'm absolutely bonkers, choosing to be unemployed for god knows how long. but i feel at peace. my plan is to move up to join don/sam in sf/oakland (don succesfully got a transfer to the downtown sf firm!), and get a job that'll gimme experience in social work. how that's all gonna happen...well, i haven't figured that out. but it does leave me open--something i'm really thankful for. sometimes i waver between being completely freaked out (i've never taken any risks; go figure for me to take a first big risk), and relying on the peace that transcends understanding. i'm looking forward to a summer vacation. i just hope it doesn't turn into a fall vacation...:P. my last day is july 15. the countdown has begun.

2. so, looking for a new home church again. don and i are checking out new hope, a church in oakland. don and sam will be moving close to the community-based church. i still have reservations and issues of commitment. but we'll see. i'm open.

3. marisa left me. the night before we were all hanging out on her abysmal couch, and i completely passed out. don had to lead me to the car when we left. my eyes were still closed. i didn't even say goodbye! i could barely mumble. i don't even remember mumbling. but by god's grace i hunted her down at the airport the following day without knowing where she was flying or from what airline. crazy. i got an email from her the other day; she is safe in paraguay, notslow--speeding through everything. very busy, but she still checks her email--send her fuzzies!

4. eric akira ikeda was born! elissa suffered 26 hours of labor, but he finally came, eyes wide open and as cute as can be. i have to say i knew it'd be a boy. he's gonna be a heartbreaker.

5. don surprised marisa and i to a coldplay concert. i still can't believe it. his generosity astounds me.

6. don's 25th was last week and we celebrated with a very relaxing day trip to monterey and a food and beer fest at sam's. it's one of the best days i've had in a while. ;)

7. harry potter's coming out! i can't wait. i REALLY can't wait. i just finished a book and i'm dying for something else. something exactly like harry potter. it's that kind of having to go pee in your pants not being able to wait.

8. i have confirmed well-hidden stretch marks on my tummy. the folds hurt. i need to lose weight. but i dunno how seeing has how i like to eat so much and the mere mention of the word buffet gets me all excited. i still wanna try out moonstar. it's supposed to be better than todai. it's that not being able to wait kind of thing again. here's a review from one of my favorite blogs.

9. summer movies. man i haven't been this excited to see movies since freshmen year at lala when i discovered the joys of moviewatching in westwood at $4 student rates. remember those?! omg. it all started with "bend it like beckham", "better luck tomorrow", and "xmen2". just watched "matrix reloaded" for the fourth time (2 on imax!), and "watching nemo". there's almost too many to count! btw, all of the previous movies are MUSTSEEs. you must see it. go sit on your ass for a couple of hours! i hafta admit, though, that i was not entranced by "finding nemo" like everyone else. who wants to see a movie about fish?! i eat them with relish. don't wanna disrupt my only healthy habit. but pixar has dutifully done well, killing my desire to eat fish. AND the movie made me cry, dammit. still awaiting a chance to see "the italian job", and definitely excited about "charlie's angels: full throttle" and "legally blonde 2".

10. i got a new email account: honayhonay@mailcan.com go check it out! heard about it from maggie: you get 10mb for free! i have 6 from yahoo, but they now only give 4. and i hear hotmail is giving some people grief.

well, i think that's just about it. i miss you guys. :) <gracie!>

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