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Thursday, July 17, 2003

<4:22 PM>  it's time for an update, isn't it?

1. it's been two days since i've been freed from the working world. vacation is so nice. i have been doing absolutely nothing. man, 20 years (maybe make that 20 minutes) from now, i'm gonna be thinking, i was such a naive fool with more than i will ever know. haha. it's good to live a batty-free life, though. she gave me a run for my money the last few days, making me cry and all that. should've invested in a pair of those brass knuckles. ;)

2. my dmb tix finally came today! i'm superexcited. but in our warehouse frenzy, ed, mia, and i took on a little more than we could bargain. if you'd like to see dmb this summer at shoreline or the gorge, gimme a holla before this weekend's over. i'll hook you up. :) other than the stress of selling off tix, i'm looking forward to flying out to washington to see the band. though this may be the last time in a while...i still dunno how i feel about boyd's and dave's solo debuts. :P

3. had some wonderful guests these past couple of weeks! deborah came for a night and hobee's (we run a regular bed&bf here at the hui household), and jen, mia, ed, and i shared my room with the help of a queen sized inflatable mattress last weekend. i hafta admit that i am a terrible host without marisa. she basically does everything. so i was supernervous, but i think everything went okay. as usual, we gorged ourselves on a visit to taj (a must in the southbay), mia treated us to moonstar (for which i am forever grateful), and we slurped our way through an earthquake at ghiardelli square.

4. i am finally going to get my haircut tomorrow! amy is scheduled with the Man (his name is really man), and i have maggie. i'm kind of nervous. but i hear they give good head massages. can't wait.

5. honayhonay is falling apart. there is a thing called a chassis that protects the engine from wayward rocks and stubble. but mine is made of plastic and held together by three screws. now there's some german ingenuity forya. two of them came lose, and so consequently, the whole panel was dragging on the floor while i was driving. the dealership is always accusing and not very friendly, but my dad and i came up with a solution: duct tape. so no worries, honayhonay is running smoothly with the help of some silver lining. :)

6. pattypat has been edumacating me on bands that suck and bands that rock. it's pretty fun tearing up what's on the crapio (crap-radio) with him, but once he started dogging shakira, it wasn't so much fun. per his suggestion, i went to see tremolo on saturday with the gang. they were pretty good. i didn't know christian bands that don't suck even existed. :P if you're free tonight, they're playing in sf FOR FREE.

okay, i've pretty much emptied my brain. hope everyone is doing well and keeping cool. i really don't enjoy summer heat AT ALL. <gracie!>

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

<11:07 AM>  i am outraged. <gracie!>

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