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Thursday, August 28, 2003

<3:43 PM>  can you believe it?! i watched a movie and had dinner with YURI KOCHIYAMA.

i also spent a better part of yesterday watching ghosts of albion co-written by amber benson, tara on buffy! <gracie!>

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

<7:23 PM>  are you guys checking my links? cuz this one has to be the greatest of all. it might rival my subsititution for patslife even. :O <gracie!>

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<6:10 PM>  a piece of advice to some of you out there/my new motto: NETWORK OR NO WORK! i got it from mia. <gracie!>

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<3:45 AM>  i really REALLY miss coffee. since i quit my job, i've been trying not to indulge. but i love that rush of alertness. and yes, this explains why i am still up at 4am sending out resumes. i hafta admit that round 2 of jobsearching is pretty nice. i feel so relaxed and not too stressed. and i get so excited about a lot of the organizations i apply to. it's so encouraging to see people working at trying to make this world a better place for EVERYONE.

here are some of my favorites:
1. triad family services helps foster children transition from foster families into the big bad world
2. the mccullum youth court supports first-time juvenile offenders
3. the new america foundation promotes economic empowerment to new americans (new citizens, immigrants, and refugees)

on my break i stumbled upon this piece of blackmail. i'm so gonna regret posting that link. <gracie!>

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

<6:55 PM>  i hope one day my blogs won't consist of ONLY updates. sorry guys. you knew i was a slacker anyway, right?

1. mia's guamanian feast was SO EXCELLENT. i love her chicken. i've never tasted better. it was cool to see a few people. i was sad that my trip was so poorly planned, but whatever. i still got to treat the entire shin family to dinner (in honor of mr. shin's bday) AND see 1/3 of eric ikeda's face! :)

2. don and sam moved into their new place in the fruitvale district of oakland. it's quite comfy. especially with all the free furniture they've accumulated in the past month or so. it's really quite amazing. and now the barbed wire outside doesn't scare me in the least bit. and the kids in the complex are downright adorable.

3. "helped" mia move in. by the time i got there, jen, ed, and mia had emptied the truck and were returning it. i didn't plan it that way, honest! i did help to assemble the "berkeley" futon, though--what a nightmare. the instructions contained no more than 25 words. we had to reassemble 3 times. aiyiyi. also got eaten alive by a wayward flea. i guess not so wayward, cuz he struck the goldmine. i got bitten 20 times, and have the scars to prove them. the other girls too. wah! :(

4. though i have to admit that we were cursing dave matthews for not selling out his concerts (you can take that pun and run with it--i will look the other way), the shows are still AWESOME. thank god that we were not able to sell the shoreline tix and went to the show. thanks to all who helped get the word out about our tix! the band played my alltime favorite song, twostep. everything was forgiven after that. the gorge show was so amazing. i think we will go back again. and again and again. :)

5. emi's finally back! welcome back emi! it was so good to see her again. when we went to napa, it was like old times. so cool.

6. just came back from tahoe. my first time moun6tainbiking and all i have to show for it is my sore butt. had to take some timeouts cuz i suck and i'm so out of shape. also because bike seats are superhard and superuncomfortable. who invented the stupid bike anyway? though meebe i can pretend that the hard fall i took resulted in all the fleabite scars i have. all that said, though, i think i could go again someday.

7. the job search is going. i get really excited about some positions. i hope they get excited about my cover letters. i spend a lot of time on those things. to provide some encouragement and distraction, i've taken to checking out rental listings. still dreaming about a studio apartment, but i think that's gonna go out the window. i asked myself this question this week: would i consider living with a homosexual couple? at first, i thought, why not? but then i realized, i wouldn't be caught dead living with a heterosexual couple. ahahaha.

8. made some vegetarian chili for last week's lunches. it was good, but boy did i spill too many hot peppers in there. ooh booy. i still have some more if any of you would like a challenge.

9. indulged in netflix this month. it is so cool. they send you 3 dvds by mail for free, and as soon as you return one, they send you another. so you keep this queue of movies you wanna watch online, and you get to watch all of them for no penalties (no late fees EVER and free shipping ALLTHETIME) FOR ONLY 20 BUCKS A MONTH. of course i'm realizing that i would never normally spend this much on movies anyway, but for this month, i'm going to indulge and catch up. if you wanna try it for free, use the code: Friend47 it's soooo cool.

okay, i'm petered out. (or rather, i'm gonna go watch talk to her, heehee) next time, no more updates. i can't believe it's almost september! aiyiyi. i'll leave you with some FUN! <gracie!>

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