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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

<9:37 PM>  last week my family (note the absence of "and i" here) decided to take a last minute vacation in the form of a fourday chinese bus tour of yosemite, las vegas, hoover dam, and The Grand Canyon. apologies to all that wondered if i was still alive, and for those that didn't miss me: why didn't you? hmph.

most people's reactions to this spurofthemoment family bonding extravaganza was positive: "how cute!" or "how fun!" i promise you it was nothing of the sort. you OBVIOUSLY have never been on a chinese bus tour. on a bus filled with ordinarily endearing grammas and grampas that overnight turn into ugly jabbering monsters that will step on your toes every chance they get, there is no escape. combine that with 10+ hours on the bus, with ONE HOUR (60 MINUTES, in case you think i am exaggerating) at each site, and you get a waking nightmare.

of course, i have to admit, as a firsttimer to lasvegas and the grand canyon, we did get our money's worth. you pay for what you get. it inspired me to someday shack up at the bellagio, watch oceans11 again for the whole vegas experience, and much further in the future, hike up and down the grand canyon's rusty red walls and again be reminded of my mere insignificance in god's infinite and beautiful creation.

i've already taken care of the oceans11 bit. did that the night i came back. (incidentally, this is my favorite movie, and oceans12 the sequel (the 12th member being julia roberts) complete with the og cast is already in the works! can't wait.) my sister, with promises to be just rich, not necessarily famous, will put me up at the bellagio "some day", with the cost of The Buffet at the Bellagio included. i will have to consult with my muscles about that grand canyon part.

indeed, i have survived. but all coupons for such bustours are now indefinitely expired. <gracie!>

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Friday, September 12, 2003

<10:49 AM>  i know i shouldn't be doing this, but i can't help it. i want to share the good news! i got an unofficial offer from the interview i had last week! i didn't think i had a chance at all, but i guess they're really good at playing poker. today i have an intimidating group interview, and monday i have another interview. the harvest is coming in, and i'm really grateful.

on sunday, at my first cell group meeting with our new church (new hope), someone had a promise of encouragement for me...it's the first time i haven't felt threatened by the word of God coming from someone else. praise the Lord.

i'm on my way to living on my own in oakland. it makes me all teary to think back to where i've come from, and how long it has taken to get here. thank you all for your prayers. and thank you in advance for coming to visit me in my new place! :) <gracie!>

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

<9:03 PM>  today's blog is a list of recommendations:

1. whale rider, a movie about the aboriginal peoples of new zealand. a really beautiful movie about a girl coming of age, set in beautiful new zealand! remember the scenes from lotr?

2. hyphen magazine, the first publication targeting asian americans (currently 11 million strong, 4% of the nation!). based in sf, it really hits a lot of current and relevant issues. plus they got some dope interviews. if you can find it, try and support it!

3. breyer's coffee ice cream. y'all know how much i love coffee. and how much i love ice cream. put them together, and you got my version of heaven. and of course, i've tried just about every brand there is. but breyer's is the best--go get it!

4. yknow how i was looking for a facial cleanser eons ago? i think i finally found it: aveeno's clear complexion foaming cleanser. it's on sale this week at target for $5!

ok, and i concede: one update: tomorrow is my first interview! i'm pretty excited about the position, but not too excited about the location. if i have to commute...i think it will kill me. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. <gracie!>

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