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Sunday, October 26, 2003


i have a feeling that i'm not holding things together all that well. small things and big things alike devastate me. i'm not trying to be overdramatic. it really puts me into a funk. perhaps i should medicate myself like so many do. but then i wouldn't really be living life. and life is hard. it's gonna devastate you. perhaps we as a nation like our blinders on. it is more convenient. and convenient means saving time and saving time means saving money.

i think i'm babbling now so i'm gonna stop trying to be all philomasophical.

i lost the scarf that emi made for me in japan. on a beautifully cloudy day, i got to sleep in a little, was walking to the jahva house on the way to work, and i suddenly noticed that i didn't have it anymore. i was devastated. i wanted to cry. i didn't wanna face emi ever. i actually thot how can i make my own and not have her notice? i started thinking that of all my many possessions i really wanted just that scarf. to hell with everything else. yall can have it.

i searched all round for it, asking madly at anyone that came across my path, "donde esta mi bufanda?!" in english of course. some neighborly folks were empathetic, but some were looking at me like i was a crazy fool. i finally decided that i had lost it for good and went to work all miserable. good thing my trainer didn't bust my balls too much cuz i woulda let her have it. sigh.

when i got back home, i discoverd someone had found my scarf and left it on top of the mailboxes. apparently i lost it before i even got outta the building. god i'm so dumb. but i was truly elated and proceeded to write this note to my hero: "to whoever found my scarf, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!! i love you forever. i will treat you to a cuppa coffee/tea." there have been no takers, so i'm thinking meebe my note kinda scared my neighbors. ohwell. estoy contenta con mi bufanda. <gracie!>

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

<6:07 PM>  i know i know i haven't updated in forever. my fraaands prolly don't even check anymore. sniff. but i might as well update about my new life in oakland. EASTBAY!

1. if i had balls, my new coworker responsible for my training would bust em. booty exploded.

2. not rooming with marisa, emi, or edeline is not rooming with emi, marisa, or edeline.

3. i LOVE walking to work. but leaving honayhonay with the incompetent vw dealership was still hard.

4. not having fast internet was killing me. (yes, so it is up now. yay!)

5. i really like my room. and the weird thing is, it didn't feel right until dave and monet went up on the wall.

6. i actually DO talk to my parents more now that i don't see them everyday.

7. my sis sent me a strawberry shortcake card to my new place. AWW. so sweet. (i LOVED ss when i was 5. you too, helen!)

8. i actually make my lunch (only sandwiches) just about everyday. not cuz i love them, but because i don't like to eat anything else around.

9. my new job puts the crackdown. is this what tight security jails are like? we got 2 10min TIMED breaks. my ballbuster of a trainer actually suggested i SYNCHRONIZE my watch. we also get a very precious 30 min lunch which must be spent in the lunch room. i have no idea why. put all that together with unlocking and locking every single frikkin door in the office, a broken elevator, and a locked staircase. can we say fire hazard?

10. is it a bad sign when the whole laundry room turns dark when you push the on button to the dryer?

11. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are no fun without rasberry HERO jelly. YUM.

12. i *gasp* don't think i like coffee anymore.

13. i really like my new church new hope. i'm finally home. praise god. <gracie!>

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