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Thursday, November 06, 2003

<4:50 PM>  this is the coolest thing EVER. i even tried it while i watched it. it's the best way to save 8 seconds. take charge of your life! get those 8 seconds back! take em with a vengeance. :)

ps. you hafta dl or have highspeed <gracie!>

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

<5:59 PM>  has anyone else realized this?

don and i are gonna go see the revolution will not be televised tonight. it's a movie about how the president elect hugo chavez of venezuela was forcibly removed from power on april 12, 2002 with the aid of us forces. it's comes with many goseeit urgings and neverbeforeseen footage, hence the name.

i was gonna sneak in my chips (btw, lay's "og" stax are just as good as pringles, but what biters man) but then i realized we would be disrupting the whole show with our crunchmunchcrunchmunchings. and THAT'S when i realized why they have popcorn in movie theaters. no crunchmunchcrunchmunchings! what genius.

anyway, a review of the highly esteemed movie later. i miss you guys. so excited to party at ted&helen's wedding! <gracie!>

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