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Thursday, December 18, 2003

<10:51 PM>  i'm so sad that i don't have time to go online anymore. this coming from the girl who likes to check email at least every 15 minutes. cuz i'm crazy like that and cuz my yahoo account gets spammed to 7.0/6.0 mb daily. i'm gonna hafta shutdown my yahoo account. i'm bouncin like crazy.

but besides that, i'm severely detached from everyone cuz i haven't been keeping up with everyone's blogs. i didn't even know angiebabe was in hawaii! marisa called me stupid and pointed to the icon that says "destination: hawaii december 2003" that's been up for a year. i felt really bad. sorry everyone! :( <gracie!>

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Monday, December 08, 2003

<10:51 PM>  citation: $30
vehicle release fee: $50 (cash only to the opd-those pigs)
towing fee: $88.40
storage fee for 5 days: $147.50
lien fee (what is this anyway?!): $50

price for parking while deliriously sick and bedridden for 2 days while unbeknownst to you, your precious honayhonay is being towed: $365.90 <gracie!>

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