come and dance with me

Friday, May 21, 2004

<12:15 PM>  i'm back. fierce and mean and just a little soft. i really need to call that girl about boxing. i thot i was gonna close this thing out, but i need some advice.

how in the crazy world of carmensandiego do i keep cilantro fresh? everyday i pick at it before it turns into this congealed mass of eckgh. is tupperware seriously necessary? i keep it dry, i put it in the "crisper" (what a stoopid name), what more does it take?! words from the wise much needed here guys.

i got a new theme song. not really new, but it makes me happy. it's blur, song 2. i always remember this story ed told me of 3 kids singing it round&round in a circle at asucla store. love it.

Song 2

i got my head checked by a jumbo jet
it wasn't easy but nothing is, no

woohoo when I feel heavy metal
woohoo, and i'm pins and i'm needles
woohoo, well i lie and i'm easy
all of the time but i'm never sure why i need you
pleased to meet you

i got my head down when i was young
it's not my problem it's not my problem

oh yeah

show me your love sugar, undying love baby: